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Since Dragoner helmets seem to be popular, here is another one. Uncleaned, untouched (chinscales were never detached), and 100% original in every respect.
Named in the visor to Dragoner H Breckwoldt I Zug (1st platoon, if I am correct).
Regimentally marked inside the skull with white paint, as is common for Mecklemburg DR helmets. Alan found one with very similar markings a couple of years ago, which he was in the process of restoring.



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Aaaahhh, would love to have one of the 17th or 18th Dragoner in my collection, and a Kürassier nr 2 and a Ulanen Nr 9.
these guys stormed in Halen against Belgian Machine guns, infantry an dismounted Lancers and Guides.
Dream on man....dream on....


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If you dream hard enough your dream might come thru
But since you want one that is regimental marked uhh dream on man dream on :D
Non the less it is a beauty that you shown here