Mecklenburgisches Jager Battalion n. 14 group.


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Now we have an awesome Mecklenburg resource here on the forum. Thank you very much Zeb for taking the time to post this series of photos! 👍

Tony without Kaiser

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That is astounding. The Wappens you have shown all show the same characteristics that I wrote about in posting #16. Perfect details. In your initial posting the Tschako Wappen appeared to be very poorly detailed, now I see that it is not. Must have been light reflection? Congratulations on all those helmets, I’ve never seen so many originals before. Fantastic! All those images are certainly worth saving for reference.


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Zeb and Tony,
Thank you for the excellent detail on Mecklenburgisches wappen. In this day of expanding fakes/ repro wappen, this is an excellent resource of the correct style one should see when out hunting at antique malls, flea markets, militaria and gun shows, the internet, etc.
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Fantastic collection, ZBD! I can see two slightly different front plate models, as I had already noticed on mine.
Looking at the symbols at the bottom of the silver center:
- Arm from the cloud in a fluff sleeve and ox tongue pointing sideways
- Arm from the cloud in a snug sleeve and ox tongue pointing straight (your GR89, FAR60, Jaeger, as well as Tony's plate)
There are probably other minor differences.

I wish you can find a 89/90 M15. I will let you know if I hear of something.


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Well , I must say That shows it all in spades !
Super nice display
thank you for the post and the photos


Is nobody interested in Meck ? It's a pity.
I am as well. My great grandfather was from Anklam, like the whole side of that family. You have an awesome collection. One day, if I find a nice one, I’ll buy one as well and get the picture my Mom has in his uniform. Congrats on your collection!