Military exchange in Münsingen


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As already mentioned, a new militaria fair will take place in Münsingen in March. This is intended to replace the weapons exchange in Kassel. Are members of the forum attending this trade fair? Maybe we can meet there sometime. For me it's like a home game and only a few kilometers away. I'd be happy.
Good day Kaisersammler,

congratz with yr purchase and thank you for the recommendation of Historia/Münsingen (and region (y)).
Despite a tight program, I spent a very good time.
Visiting the fair on Friday, I was very pleased to meet a Belgian dealer, the famous underwater archaeologist
and expert U-boat flotte WW1, Mr. Tomas Termote.
Unfortunately taking pictures was not allowed, but it was a visit worthwhile, great items, antiques and curiosities,
good conservations but no purchase or deals done.
My D-2024 road trip – details:
*Ludwigsburg: Garnisonmuseum (small but excellent) - see pics
*Ludwigsburg: Schloss & biking (Friedhof)
*Stuttgart: Porsche-museum
*Tübingen: Boxenstop (e.g. soldier toys) – see pics
*Bad Urach: hiking (wasserfall).


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