Mini visor cap ashtrays


I showed a couple of these years ago, and just got a new one from a collector in Canada, the Red Cross Visor cap is new.

these I believe are ashtrays? The two I already ahd have patriotic stuff inside. The Red Cross one is blank.

About the size of the palm of my hand.




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Those are so cool, I have never seen anything like that. Congrats James :thumb up:


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I keep looking at these and I find them fantastic, but I question whether or not they are ashtrays.
They seem awfully small to be an ashtray.
Also they are decorated where a cigar/cigarette would be snuffed out --- seems a waste.
Perhaps they have something to do with liquor? A shot glass maybe?

Just wondering????

John :)

Steve Nick

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I've never seen one of those. Very cool addition to an Imperial collection.

They seem to have all come out the same mould, just decorated differently.

Thanks for sharing them.


Thanks guy's I do love them. back about 15 years ago or so at the Max show, I saw a dealer that had a whole table full of them all different, did knot have the funds then to buy them as I ahd to save every dime for helmets.

John- you maybe right that they are not ashtrays, but that is all I could come up with and that is how I have seen them advertised in the past?



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Great stuff! I'm with you, I think these were ashtrays, and I also have seen them advertised as such. I'm guessing there's no indication/smell that a cigarette has been snuffed out in them? Of course, it's only been 100 since they were used, right?