More Dragoner From KAGGR#!


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Steve has sent me some additional photos of Dragoner/Dragoon helmets now in his collection, enjoy:
1 Garde Dragoon officer.JPG
First Garde Dragoon Officer.
Dragoon Regt 2  Officer.JPG
Second Regt. Dragoon Officer
G R z P 3 a.JPG
Grenadier zu Pferde Regt #3
G R z P 3  b.JPG

Steve Nick

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Top Drawer Dragoon helmets!

I really like the Dragoon style helmets. Must be the cruciform spike base and the squared visor that give them a unique look.


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More examples from the KAGGR's world class collection:
Mecklenburg Dragoon regt 18 officer.JPG
Mecklenburg Dragoon Regt. 18
Dragoon Regt 2  enlisted man.JPG
Enlisted helmet from Dragoon Regt. 2


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We continue with more Dragoner helmets from Steve's collection DR's 9, 16, 19:
D R 16 officer.JPG
D R 16 officer a.JPG
Oldenberg D R officer X 2.JPG
Note the Reservist Cross on the left helmet.
Oldenberg D R 19 X 2 a.JPG