My (all original) German Collection

Looks really good Jackson!

When I was your age, I only had a lot of ww2 stuff, the usual US and british equipment, some german but nothing like a pickelhaube..
Keep up the good work, you're doing quite well! The iron cros 1st class is a '57 example isn't it?

Greetings, Coert :bravo:
Well you are on your way to a fine collection! I always tell people collecting this stuff is like potato chips, you cannot have just one!

Way to go

I predict that in a couple of decades, you will be buying a couple of shipping containers, there is no cure, just treatment for this disorder. The current health care regulations require insurance to cover drug addicts, I think they should also pay for collectors to treat their ailment.
That is a great start. But a piece of advice -- start the research when you are young. Buy and read the books. Collecting the knowledge of these items is as important as the objects.
Thank you! I appreciate all of the kind words and pieces of advice that you all give me. I have already been buying books like the Feldzug series. Once again thank you for everything!
You're off to a good start. When I started everyone was a veteran (either WW2 or WW1) my brother and I would just go around asking them if they had anything.
Great beginning to a collection that will grow with you. :thumb up: Thanks for posting!
Best regards,
Great start you are on the way. I bought my first EKI when I was 14 from a market stall in the Portobello Road in London for GBP £10! You may wake up and find one day it's a business. Have fun and enjoy