My collection of I G flags


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Brian ;
Thanks for this new topic.
I am pretty sure that flags are of very limited
interest to our collector members .
I have a strong interest in the regimental flags
of the Imperial German Armee .
I have been working with Neil Stewart and
Wilhelm Steifensand on a book about German flags .
Neil came here a couple of years ago and took
about 500 photos of my flags and their related parts .
As time allows I will post some photos .
I will start with the 1st flag that I had in my collection.
It was a basic Prussian Line Infantry in white silk
which was carried by regiments that wore white shoulder straps .
That flag was moved on as I was able to get other flags
that appealed to me more .
The I G flags were still carried into battles by the Fahnentrager
at the start of WW I . As the battles raged on the French Army
was able to capture a number of the old Imperial flags .
The flag was a true thing of honor to the regiment .
The Fahnentrager placed his hand on the flag
and took an oath of honor to defend the flag to his death.
The French made a big deal about the captured flags .
They put them on display and took photos and turned
the photos into postcards they sold at the gift shop.
They also made little flags and sold them .
As a result of the lost flags an A K O was issued
to retain the flags back and no longer carry them into battle .

As a footnote on the flags captured by the French in WW I
As the Germans took over Paris during WW II
the I G flags were taken back to Germany .
However many of them were taken by the Russians
to Moscow at the end of WW II.

Years ago I was able to get a French military magazine
with an article about the captured flags
I have a small collection of the French postcards
showing a display of the flags
and about 3 of the small flags from the gift shop .
More later