My first pickelhaube restoration


I have finally tracked down a Hessen spike with cruciform base.
I think it looks original but would appreciate your opinions.
It fits perfectly to the original holes and even lines up with the imprint in the leather.
Now the hunt is on for an original helmet plate with screw posts 80mm apart as the original holes did not have eyelets.
Let me know if anyone has one for sale.
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Great work on your restoration! Hope you can find a wappen to due justice to your work.
Best regards


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Looking good Drew, well done! You are very lucky to have found that original Hessen spike. The spine will be the biggest challenge in my experience, getting a proper fit.


Thanks guys for the nice comments.
Brian I am not sure what type of spine I should be looking for. Should it it have the ventilation slide and what should the attachment end look like (were it slides under the cruciform spike base)?
Any reference pictures would be much appreciated.

At last I have found a Hessen Wappen that didn't break the bank, it looks original but the attachment prongs seem unusual and there are two holes on either side that look original. What do you guys think?


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The wappen itself looks good but I have never seen slots like those cut into one. Perhaps, this was a JR 117 where two date bandeau would have been soldered ? The slots are located where these would go. The same goes for the prongs...longer and thicker than I have ever seen. The spine you need would have a slider vent but the end which goes under the spike arm would have a “V” cut out for the prong which goes through that arm to secure it to the helmet. Some photos:
The spine on my JR 115
A typical slider vent.
Although this is an officer spine, it shows you what the V cut out looks like. The V space allows the arms of the prong or shank of the screw post to go down through the shell to secure the base. All cruciform spike base helmets in my experience have this cut out in the rear spine. You will notice also, that the rear spine arm is itself shaped so that the spine fits underneath it.


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Well done with that really interesting wappen Drew, I had the same question on the correct rear spine so thanks from me too Brian.👍👍👍


Thanks guys and a big thank you Brian for your information and pictures.
Here is the wappen in place, I have not bent the attachment prongs back yet as all the hardware will need to come off for a final rub down and polish.
I have found an original brass rear spine with vent that is in pretty poor condition but with a bit of luck and a lot of work I will try and get it to fit.
Will post pictures when I receive it.
Regards and Merry Christmas


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Congratulations. What ‘s the regiment. The spike and base are white and the spine doesn’t have the two round head brads?
I can’t find a reference to it.


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Nice job Drew! Great to see the helmet back to it’s original condition. Don, the Hessen infantry did not have the 2 spine brads. Hessen dragoon’s did.