My helmets.

I have a couple with covers, Navy and Army one from Hong Kong. With regards to the Cavalry helmets if you polish them up get rid of over 100 years of patina and make them all shiny then they will look like the modern copies. Rob
I wouldn't be too quick to write these helmets off as replicas. I have recently purchased a couple of reference books, and have learned quite a bit from reading them, even though the information on these metalhelme is sparse. Apparently these types of helmets were available for purchase from many makers into the 1920s, and you could select your style, such as the 1889 vs 1899 or 1915 models. To me it looks like a couple of M-1867 helmets, and one M-1889 or 1899 helmet with a mixture of fittings and attachments, because, as I have experienced, finding originals is nearly impossible. I have been in a situation where I had a JzP shell, but was unable to find anything original for it, so I had to settle for reproduction parts.
Yes ww2 japanese helmets and the Japanese cherry blossom helmets are my favourite too. The Japanese are the loyal fighters who will damage all their equipment before they surrender so jap stuff are hard to obtain
Amy, what is a Japanese cherry blossom helmet? I have a couple original Japanese helmets; one found in a cave in the northern Marianas, along with bayonets and Type 99 rifles. I also have what appears to be a Japanese home guard helmet, though it is stripped down, and has what appears to be original painted Japanese writing on the inside. While walking on a beach on Guam, I kicked a rock, and it turned out to be a Japanese canteen, so I have that too.