My small collection of Gas mask;s and cans


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This a small phot section of pics of my gas mask's ,used by Germany.


the 3 different mask's i have , the gummi is the 3rd pattern hasthe y strap conguration. It has a very nice can interior. The other 2 are the leather mask versions

Card found in bottum og Gummi can ,not sure it the write one.

All 4 cans I have in my collection , The Gummi can with straps has aname on the bottum and another on top.

Gummis mask filter[/IMG

Inner marking for lid of gummis can ,this can also has it's original small strap

2 Gummis sized cans ,note the differences in small details.
All 4 cans I have in my collection ,3 have mask's ,the tins on the side contain snap on filters ,these have a yellow or white cross in the screnn , the tin has a 2 stamped on the lid

Tin for filters and 2 filters left of the 4 I had when I got it.

Filter for the leahter mask , I have only one original ,and a copy for diplay purposes.
I have to take some more photo's of the 2 small cans for detail comparisons. I will also try to put the filer's side by side. Hope these are OK for ,and may help with any questions asked


Great collection of masks Mark. I especially like the early 11-11S filter on the Gummi - it looks like it's dated 31. March 1916.

Even more interesting is the Gummi can shown on the right which looks to me like a very hard to find KuK version. It would be interesting to see what the interior of that one looks like.


I just obtained a 1916 mask that is stiff and "crinkly". Is there anything - if anything - that I can spray on this to soften it a bit?


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How crinkly ,or stiff? Alot of therories on this one . I used a leather /saddle soap on 1 of the mask's ,but it used ofr re-enactment and not a collector piece. but it cleaned it up and made it suple.


This is the non-leather gummi version - and saddle soap is good? Hadn't thought of that. It is stiff to the shape it takes in the canister. I can "open" it oh, 60% AOK, but it springs back to the shape of the canister.


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I would not do anything with it ,just leave it . Other's might have a better idea . Sorry wish i had better advice on this. My Gummi was in good shape so I lucked out ,I have a couple American SBR gas mask's and they are solid masses .I leave those ,one already started to fall apart .


I think Mark's advice to leave it is the best possible. If the reason for your question is because you want to display the mask, I would wait until you found one that is plyable.

I have one that is rock hard but otherwise in nearly perfect condition. I will leave it alone because in my view any attempt to soften these masks would likely end in failure due to the fragile nature of the cloth and interior rubberized coating. It would reduce the mask's value as a historical item.


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I have made a few attempts to find a way to soften gas masks, there were a lot of US masks around years ago that were pretty much worthless (at that time) and everything I tried, made them worse, a very dry mask, can be gently opened (slowly) and made to be displayable with a fair rate of success, but once they are mounted (usually needing to use something to attache them to the head, I have used pins, through the edge into a foam head) and they should not be folded again to put back into the carrier.
It is a wonder that any of them even exsist now, as they were a disposable (more or less) item at the time.
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