Need assistance with Rangliste Lookup on an Officer, Heinrich Dautzenberger?


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Does anyone have any info on Heinrich Dautzenberger? He entered service with the Saxon Uhlans in 1904 as an officer candidate (Fähnrich) and made Lieutenant in 1905. By war’s end in 1918 he might have been a Rittmeister (Captain). I was only able to find a 1911 Rangliste entry of Heinrich Dautzenberger as a Lieutenant in the 21st Uhlan Regiment. Are there any other references?

Thank you in advance for any info you can share.

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My copy of the 1914 Saxon Army Rank List at page 108 lists the same Dautzenberg (21.2.10) as above, in the 21st Ulanen-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm II, with Dautzenberg a leutnant stationed in Zwickau. I hope that helps .

what is clear is that Herr Dautzenberg was not a Lieutenant in 1905. As can be seen from the extract from USN, his seniority as Leutnant der Reserve was 21 February 1910. I attach a scan of an extract from the 22 February1910 edition of the Royal Saxon Militär-Verordnungsblatt gazetting his promotion from the rank of Vizewachtmeister d.R. to Leutnant d.R. effective 21.2.10.

He was serving with the 1. Landwehr-Eskadron of the XIX. Armee-Korps when awarded the Knight's Cross 2nd Class of the Saxon Albrechts-Orden with Swords in March 1916 and promoted to Oberleutnant d.R. on 10 April 1916. Interestingly, he was serving with a foot artillery unit in 1917 (Fußartillerie-Batterie Nr. 64) when awarded the Saxon Merit Order 2nd Class with Swords (15.3.17). I can find no confirmation of a promotion to Rittmeister.


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