Need restoration advice!


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Guys-Just scored an M1867 shell that needs polishing and has some minor dents hammered out.Can anybody recommended somebody who can do this for me,as my talents are somewhat limited. Thanks!


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Have you thought about a car Dent-Doctor? These guys are real magicians for Sheetmetal works and it shouldn‘t be important for him if it is a door of a car or a helmet...

Tony without Kaiser

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As odd as it sounds phone some companies that sell musical instruments. There are individuals who specialize in removing dents from the ends of tubas and trumpets etc. The equipment is basically two steel balls and the flared end of the musical instrument is rolled between the balls under pressure and it removes the dents.


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Tony's suggestion is an excellent one. Also if you're near a university, try the art metals department as well... ask a professor, not an undergrad. :wink:

:D Ron