New 1918 find


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I recently picked up a number of German WWI items. One of these items was a 1918 steel helmet. The shell is an ET 64, while the chin strap in marked L. Estalmann, Straussburg, 1918. In the top of the helmet is a paper label;
"bar. Schulmann
R111. 55 "
There may be more but a stain has covered a large part of it. The label is typed written. There appears to have once bee another label on the inside of the neck flange.
1918 rt side.jpg
1918 - inside.jpg
1918 ET64.jpg
1918 strap marks.jpg
I have a bit more luck but not much though. Think I have 3 M18, can't find the other one.

Here's the pics for 2 of them, one of them is the M18 camo with liner and the carbine clip chinstrap.

Second one is a green one without liner but with the carbine clip chinstrap.

These M18s are really hard to find. Wonder where did they hide.


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I believe the reason for there being hard to find, is that many were redone and used post war. I keep meaning to post photos of a M'18 done over for the TR, but has regimental marks stamped into it. The stamps are on the order of those in a spike helmet