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Well, a statement first. After going through the threads, it seems that restorations here are well received. In my own experience with other military collectible items, repair and restoration are greatly frowned upon. Especially with Milsurp firearms. Touching those with more than a gentle cleaning is generally seen as blasphemy! What would account for the "cultural" difference? I personally love to play and tinker so finding a more tolerant audience would be incredible. Besides, starting with beat up (less expensive) pieces will be a heck of a lot more acceptable to the boss lady...
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Well, I personally also find that restorations are appropriate only in rare cases. If possible, I only clean the parts carefully or carry out, or let carry out some repairs at most, preferably with original parts and techniques, to preserve the objects. But I don't judge anyone and accept other opinions, because in the end we all share the love for the antique objects and we all have the goal to preserve them for later generations.
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Imo some of the authenticity is lost when helmets are "tinkered" with, but on the other hand loose visors, misshaped helmets, etc. can be fixed to keep the Pickelhaube intact. Very much a balancing game. I know that adding / changing Wappen, Kokarden, and chin strap are very common, yet for me the result is no longer a historical item, rather an item assembled using historical parts. I treasure my helmets that are (most likely) unchanged since WW I, but again, a helmet with Kokarden and chin strap displays much better than without.
In the end, it is your piece to enjoy in the way that you like it, as long as you show the results here so we can enjoy it too :)