New website and posting pictures


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Brian asked me to make a new post about posting pictures on the forum.

With the new update to the forum it is super easy, and the pictures are stored right here on the website!

Simply start a new post, type in your message, then right below the message in a little box it says Attach Files, click on this and it will let you browse your computer and select the picture(s) you want to add, can do more then one up to a total of 8MB in size. It is that easy!

All the Best

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You can also use one of the shortcut icons on top. It will drop it right into the message

Excellent! Thanks James and Bob! What a difference in ease and convenience compared to the old platform.
.......(just a spam alert, I removed!)

Anyway, great job and indeed pratical in use.
Great part of the fora I am on have the same "answering layout".
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I used the shortcut icons at the top to attach the photos of my Saxon 107th Reserve which I posted yesterday. Dead easy! Thanks to all concerned.