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Why is everything questioned here?
Does it mean everyone has something going on that’s not right?
You should get clarification before concluding.
@argonne I could I would advice you take this off my post or I will sue you for slander!
Dear Bamavoo,
sorry that you feel offended, but no one is forcing you to remain part of this forum if you cannot accept criticism. Even if we disagree, in this forum we value a polite interaction. Hateful people are welcome to let off steam elsewhere.
Before you badmouth others like you did, you should question yourself a little bit. Your asking price is too high, even for a real helmet in good condition and with original chinstrap. But what makes you think that your helmet is in „very good condition“? Even without much knowledge about antiques you can see that the helmet has some problems, like the imperfect paintwork or the torn liner. With a little knowledge there are also the questionable split pins and the wrong hexagon nut on the rear visor.
To me, these are to many problems for a helmet in "very good condition". It looks more like a helmet which has been put together after war. That’s why I unfortunately have to agree with the previous speakers.
Id guess that this is probably a spam account of some kind, his English isn't the greatest but his location is set in Kansas.
Other problems: no black dye on the rim of the liner between visors, rear visor fits poorly and does not have the correct end points. Bama, if you don't like our critique, I can always remove this listing for you. :)
May be better not to remove it for other members to know the problem with the so called awesome helmet
As far as I’m concerned that’s the whole point of this forum, even though we might not always like the answers 😀
Correct. The first pickelhauben I bought, were bogus, I thought I got lucky, but wasn't. Then again, you learn from your mistakes, so it won't happen again. In fact, I learned a lot here, but being ignorant and repulsive in reactions, won't help at all. It will only result in the membership not helping you out anymore. Threatening someone (who is a respectable member here), with actions like sueing them is even worse.
I've seen this before, when someone pays a lot of money for something that is bad, it can be a tuff pill to swallow and really set them off. :mad:

Just be happy there is a place like this forum where you can learn, this was not an option for me I know and many others here as well when we started collecting many years ago.

An education in collecting anything of value can cost you more than the money you blow on fake items along the way to gaining the knowledge needed to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Buying an expensive fake can be a very painful experience and being confronted with that fact even worse. I think we all just witnessed that. :eek: