Officer's Helm Authenticity

Kaiser Wilhelm II

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Hello All! I am here to ask you folks' opinion on this Pioneer Officers Pickelhaube, in Regards to its Authenticity/Originality. I have found it for sale and these are the posted photos, so please bare with that. The price is decent and should it be good, this could be a big step in my young collecting career. I am glad to hear your opinions on if this helmet is real/good. Thank you all.

Someone got a very good deal (y)

Sadly, in the current times your always one click ahead or behind. Better luck next time, it's still better to be safe than sorry.
Indeed, It was a little ironic, because the helmet was sold quite literally about 10 minutes after I made the post. I have been looking at the helmet for several days. Oh well, there will be more.
One thing I have learned over the years, never put an item down at a military/antiques fair if you like it even if its the first thing you pick up. Because as soon as you put it down someone else will buy it. Likewise online if you have seen it you can bet several other people have seen it. Luckily there are plenty more fish in the sea, Rob