One of our members, is going to the other side.


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Steve had asked me to post some pictures of the French Adrian Chasseur helmet I traded with Jaap, and which I never sold.
So here are some pictures of it. It will remain with me for as long as I live.


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My friends, Jaap has fought to the end, came back, stubborn as he was, but on the 19th of May finally passed away.
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Rest in peace my friend.
Very sad. I did not know him personally but I remember his comments after his doctors showed him the results of the imaging exploration of his well-advanced disease: he wrote that from the inside he looked like a Dalmatian dog... managing to face such circumstances with humour reveals a singular strenght of character, or complete thoughtlessness. I have no doubt that only the former applied to Jaap. Now I regret that I did not send him a note.


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RIP Jaap ! A nice choice of a line from a Leonard Cohen song .He was one of favorites .I have his C D 's
One of the songs on the C D contains the song that line comes from .Also I will be talking to you from the tower
of song long after I am gone .


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Rest In Peace indeed. We were very lucky to have met him and enjoyed his comments and personality here on the forum.


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The “Dalmatian Dog “ comment is typical Jaap, always meeting adversity with a bit of humour.


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For members wanting to see Jaap's burial service, here is a livestream link mentioned on his obituary.
I was not able to go there, because of work, but just watched it when I got home.
You will see his family and friends waving him goodbye with white handkerchiefs, this was just as he alway's did when people who visited him went home again. He, as usual, always waved that handkerchief to me as I left home after visiting him.


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Today was Jaap's birthday. He is not with us anymore, but I shared some nice thinghs with his daughters.
You will not be forgotten my dear friend. Rest in peace, my friend.
Coert you are a great person! I am glad to have met you.Jaap still has a good friend.