Opinion wanted


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I am normally pretty good at picking good covers from bad, but this one has me going both ways.

Passes Black Light test, I know this is not exact science, but part of the testing.

Material look good, nice side cutouts for chinstrap

My concerns, it is small, smaller then normally see.

Has OR clips in back, but pullover Officer visor type in front??



Definitely a fake and has been through a washing machine......I will take it off your hands for a $100. I mean what are friends for?? :)
I'm not sure about the material, it is a herringbone which I thought was a post war material. Why are there rust stains on the material behind the hooks, but the hooks aren't rusty?
15 Aug 1914 it was directed that the color of the letters/numbers were to be changed from red to dark green. The M1915 Überzug was introduced on 28 June 1915. So when I see red pre-war numbers on an M15 Überzug, I think that is a concern. And actually, it's part M1897 and part M1915 with chinstrap slits orientated incorrectly. More red flags....