original m16 camo?


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Hello, I am a new member to the forum. I found this m16 splotch camo for sale, but I am new collector and thought I should check its originality before buying. Can anyone tell if the paint looks to be original to the helmet? Any help is appreciated.

It's hard to see any details with the thumbnail size photos you posted. You mistakenly posted thumbnail size photos, and not the "full size" for the photos when you clicked on each one to post them. When a person uploads photos, you can click on "thumbnail size" or "full size". It's best to use full size.

I have now seen the full size photos on the web site where you found this helmet. The outside paint looks legitimate. I believe the liner is also original to this helmet, but it's hard to say with only a distant photo of it which the dealer posted. He's not know for posting photos that are of much help to potential buyers. He's a good, honest dealer, however. He just lacks photo skills or understanding of what needs to be shown for important details on things such as this helmet. I would ask him for more photos of it, specifically the inside band to show the 3-bent pins in order to see how they look.


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It is a legitimate original helmet but I don't like the dealer. His after sales service is poor.