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I know ours is an expensive hobby but i was wondering what else everyone gets up to . What other interests do you folks have or collections for that matter ?
I collect all kinds of Imperial German cavalry memorabilia to include pickelhaubes, unit marked Lugers, sabers, carbines, lance, saddle with all associated leather, steins, smoking pipes, etc.


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I have an orchid collection of over 25 plants and I have played lead guitar in rock bands for 30+ years....still playing in bars to this day!


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I like restoring and riding classic motorcycles. I had about 35 since I was 18.
I do have a modern one too, for riding daily. At the moment I'm busy restoring a Kawasaki Z650 from 1977,
but had BSA's, Norton's and Triumph's also. Picture of my new paintwork for the Kawa:
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How it will look finished:

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How I bought her:

So got my work cut out, but I like fiddling with old bikes!


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Besides Militara, I collect toy soldiers and use to do high performance autos (Mustangs and Corvettes) and competitive rally driving.

Current ride:

stuka f

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Boats, trains, planes,cars and bikes.
Toys, paintings, statues and furniture.

Women and beer!
That must be about it. ;-)


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My " second hobby " is collecting the medals ; ribbons ; photos and other related items
of the Confederate Veterans ( U.C.V. ) of our "Civil War " . The Confederates were only
allowed to have Reunions starting in 1890 .So my collection starts at 1890 and I stop at the
1942 reunion in Washington , D.C.
Steve McFarland
I make and collect military toys in 1/18th scale.
My toy creations pay for my spike collecting on a whole.
Some of my creations