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My name is Henk Koelewijn from Amersfoort the Netherlands, and I have been researching the Husar Regiment Konigin Wilhelmina der Nederlanden (Hannoversches) No. 15 for years.

I saw on the website of the militaria dealer Helmut Weitze a fur cap of a reserve officer of the Hutsarenregiment 15. This fur cap dates from 1912 and is made of opposomvel and bears the reservist's cross in the middle and laurel leaves in the form of a square around the cross.
Above: Waterloo, El bodon. below: Peninsula, Barossa. (see Picture)

The only fur cap I know for a reserve officer is the one by Theodor Bohnenberger in a painting where the reservist cross is on the fur cap and above it are the laurel leaves Peninsula, Waterloo El bodon, Barossa.
It seems to me that there were two versions of the Hussar Regiment 15 fur cap.

Bohnenberger's pre-1912 fur cap bears the Reservist Cross and above it the laurel leaves Peninsula, Waterloo El bodon, Barossa. The fur cap is made of otter fur.
You can see it well in the photo, unfortunately the reservist cross is no longer there. But you can clearly see where it was attached. (see photo)
I also have a photo of a Sektkoeler in the form of a fur cap of a reserve officer of the Huzar Regiment Konigin Wilhelmina der Nederlanden (Hannoversches) No. 15, which looks exactly like Bohnenberger's fur cap.

I read several books on the subject but found nothing. In Husaren Heraus I found something about reserve officers, but not about the fur cap of the Huzarenregiment Konigin Wilhelmina der Nederlanden (Hannoversches) No. 15.
Is there anything known or written about this fur cap, or is there a service record somewhere about the different versions of the fur cap of the reserve officers of the Husar Regiment 15?
I hope you can help me, of in what book i can find it.




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Weitze bought the Husaren officers helmet collection
of Jim T.
It looks O K to me
these are so rare that they are never seen
I don't know of any reference
there are plates were reserve examples are shown , but never H R 15
I have owned H R 7 reserve officer helmet
and I always wondered how examples of reserve officers for H R 15 & H R 17 would look
Hello Steve,

I agree that there is little known of the Busby of hussar regiment 15. But I looks that there are two version's

I had the one picture of bohnenberger from his family, but unfortunately the reserve cross has gone but you can see that it was on that Busby.

The one that weitze bought, and later sold to a dutchmen.
The paintings were made by bohnenberger it self.

Hope somebody knows more.

Thanks steve