Peter Jackson's Collection


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At last! A celebrity who DOESN'T waste their wealth on stupid pointless indulgences - like diamond encrusted super cars. Good for him, a brilliant accomplishment.


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From watching "They Shall Not Grow Old," I knew that Peter Jackson was a WWI Buff and collector, but I never imagined that his treasure trove was so extensive. Thank you for sharing this link.
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Superb and what a great effort and legacy. 'We' are lucky to have such a champion.....except of cse when up against him in an auction :rolleyes:


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Thanks for posting this link Pete. I watched his “They Shall Not....” and enjoyed it immensely and I knew about his expertise on WW1 but the aviation collection was a complete surprise! I can not even imagine the cost of upkeep on those aircraft let alone paying the experts needed to restore them! A much better way of spending your money though, than on some phallic rocket trip into sub space for a few minutes of weightlessness! 🙃
A wonderful video , even my wife watched it all the way through. Thank you for posting. Never thought I would go to New Zealand but that air museum is incredible.


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That is amazing, the Richtofen crash site, its almost real. I need to see this again on the TV not a 24 inch monitor. I assume everyone has seen "They shall not grow old" his rescanning of old WW1 films as 4kTV. If you haven't you should the film quality is amazing, I now understand where his passion came from to do the project. Total top guy a wonderful change from the usual woke virtual signalling Hollyweird (insert your own word here, I would hate to break the rules of decorum with my own)🤣



Thanks for posting this. What a brilliant film! It took me right back to making model WW1 planes 60+ years ago. Hats off to Peter Jackson.