Pickelhaube indentification. Replica?


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Hello, i found a pickelhaube for sale, but it seems little bit weird with the big holes for stitching, no holes in the actual pickel and the material itself looks more scratched than cracked as most old pieces i found are. Is it original that someone tried to restore or is it replica made to look old? What is your idea, smart local guys?


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Thank you for your replies guys. I found a new piece, decent price range and close to my location. What do you think about his one?

For me, what stand out is, (maybe, not sure if its neccesary?) missing piece of metal that crosses the spine few centimeters behind the spike. Missing (maybe?) washers, when you look inside where the spike is attached to the helmet. And I think the inside of the helmet should be made from smoothed leather.

Hopefully, i wont offend you with my pursuit of a bargain...again. :(
Run away as fast as you can, that's just the opinion of a not so smart local guy ;)
My god...just forget it...there is nothing good in this one !
Made in India and then sanded to look old!


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Hopefully, i wont offend you with my pursuit of a bargain...again. :(

I'm certainly not offended at all, and I hope you can find a good bargain.

Sadly it looks like another bad modern made reproduction IMO.

Someone got ahold of some modelers weathering paints and a wire brush and maybe some lite acid to treat the metals. Usually thats reserved for the high end fakers. ( you know who you are, and so do we) :unsure:

Take a close look at the lines in the leather and scoff marks, also note the unnatural wear on the liner.

Take notice of the wash used to treat the kokarden to give them an aged look.

I give the faker an A for effort but an F- on result.
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I agree: easiest to recognise as repros are the Wappen, the chin strap, and the spike, just compare it to the originals shown on https://www.kaisersbunker.com/dunkelblau/helmets/


Your absolutely correct Lars, sometimes I overlook the obvious and go straight into looking for and try to identify the techniques used by the fakers to deceive. Which sadly has also turned into a bit of a hobby.

looking at and studying original items and becoming aquatinted with the original materials used in their manufacture would definitely benefit newer collectors. There is no better way to learn IMO, a big hats off to Tony for creating and maintaining such a informative and helpful site.

regards John Josef
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I'm certainly not offended at all, and I hope you can find a good bargain.
Thank you all again for your advise. I think I'm getting hold of the main clues to look for in fakes.

As a citizen of former member of Austria-Hungary I wasn't expecting buying WW1 memorabilia, manufactured in millions, would bring this much trouble. Or would cost this much.

Unfortunately though, my brother is the collector, I wanted to get it as a Christmas gift, and I don't think I'll make it in time. But thanks to you he won't get an Indian Pickelhaube and I won't have to be ashamed of myself.
My pleasure, I'm very glad to be able to help.

Sadly after two World Wars and the occupations that followed, many of the Military items were "liberated " and taken back home to foreign lands.

Which in turn makes it much much harder for the decedents of the Armies who wore and used the items to find. Servus John Josef