Posting Pics in New Forum 2018


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Being in my 60's and not having started playing with a cell phone or tablet at age 12 months I am at a disadvantage in today's computer world. I know I am not alone in this, as many forum members are also of "my vintage". Our Forum tech JoelThe Superior (interesting name :) ) has made a post about adding pics in the Welcome section as have other members. That however, is a section which is kind of buried in our long list of post areas and thus, difficult to find. Consequently, I am going to place a more detailed step by step approach here which I hope helps:

Here is the step by step... for posting pictures. Now, it is actually easier, because you no longer have to post your picture from your computer to a host like PhotoBucket :x that we used previously and then to the Forum. So we have eliminated one step in the process, the forum now hosts all pics. So here goes:
1) when making a comment and adding pics or starting a new post with pics....left click on: "Full Editor & Preview". That will open up a larger window.

2) the white space is where you will type your text comments and place your picture URL codes. Scroll down a bit and you will see "Attachments" in red. Left click on this.

3) a small box "Add files" will appear again on the lower left.. Left click on that, and it will take you to the picture files on your computer. Next choose your pics (no more than 5 at once) and then left click on "Open". This takes you back to the forum and you will see the url code of each pic and a green bar which shows them being loaded onto your forum post.

4) once a pic has been loaded you will see a small box "Place in line" beside each pic code. You are now ready to post your pictures. Put your cursor back in the white space (Pics and text) click, then go back down to Place in line and left click on that. The URL code for the pic will now be in your Text Box where the cursor was and you can add a comment then click on preview or submit if you are done. This is how you organize the placement of text and pictures in the post. You use the placement of the cursor to determine where things will appear.

I also find that when posting multiple pics, it is best to place the pic codes in pairs beside each other and type any text below them. For me, the most difficult part of this process is learning how to organize pics and texts. You will see on my recent posts that text and pics get split up by the program. I am still learning this "layout" process.
Anyway, give this a try and see if it works for you. Please ask questions, I will gladly try and clarify things. In addition, if our younger, more expert members have anything to add, please do so. Regards, Brian
PS: One frustrating thing that I have also found is that there is a "time out" feature in the site program. If your internet provider is slow you will have to make pictures posts quickly and in smaller numbers. So for example, you have 5 pics to post, do 2 then submit and go back for the rest. While I was in the US at the SOS I was frustrated with posting Show pics because the Hotel internet was naturally slower, I kept getting timed out and the site kept telling me my picture was no longer available. So, BE AWARE of this.
Brian, unfortunately I still have a Buck with my iPad.
When I preview a Post with several Pictures everything is fine represented. But then only one uploaded picture is left, so the post can only be done without preview, but this is important to check the Layout and representation of the Pictures.
Hope it is ok - I'm trying out this new fangled picture posting :-k

Hey it worked, I really like this method as it permits you to enlarge the photo see details.
It works, Reg! G'donyah, mate! A question though. If the helmet in the photograph hadn't some crimp in the "Vorderschirm" I'd think "Geez, is that a good quality replica?" With the exception of the Vorderschiene the brass (aluminiumbronze?) looks so inredibly perfect that it would be ready for parade! Can you tell me more about its looks?
It is a vacuum formed plastic helmet with pot metal cast fittings that was sold as a kit in the back on men's magazines in the 1960's
Thanks Brian for your more detailed instructions on how to use the new photo posting.
As detailed in my post in the Welcome section I am having the same problem as Sandmann - if I preview before submitting a post I lose all photos apart from one.
Is there an answer to this other than not previewing?

Yes Sandy....understood now :) Peter, I think that that problem is also tied to the "slow internet" idea. I experienced that as well when I was in Louisville USA at the SOS. The way around it is to not preview...just hit submit and then go back into the post if changes are needed.
Thanks Brian. I'll try not previewing to see what happens.
I hope it works as I have several topics which I would like to post.
Very good Peter, I think we just have to learn some of the "quirks" of this new forum system. This is my hope anyway.