Price List 1974


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KAGGR#1 emailed this to me recently a snapshot of prices and how helmets were bought in 1974:


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that was part of a very nice collection that was

being sold for a Chicago collector .

He had to sell due to a divorce

that was only 1 of the lists sent out

He collected only Prussian helmets

but as you saw the early helmets too

My KAGGR# 1 officers parade miter came from

that collection ; $2,000 at that time
the #7 helmet Grenadier Regt 12 e m which is circled
I bought it and I still have it
Steve McFarland


I find these prices quite high for the time. Of course in the pre internet days helmets were a lot harder to find, but even allowing for that this is a very expensive price list. $300 for an M15 tschako? I bought an identical one in 2000 for $350. When I started working in the trades in 1974 a good carpenter made $5.00 an hour. $300 was a LOT of money.