Private purchase pickelhelm


Dear colleagues!
I would like to ask you a favour to identify this pickelhelm. In my opinion it's private purchase variant. What are you thinking about this pickelhelm?
Sorry for quality of photos.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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Hi Yaro,
Imo this is a parts helmet, an officer's helmet (in a poor state) with enlisted men's parts added. The enlisted men's parts don't show the higher quality typical for private purchase helmets. In addition the Knopf 91 are not the same on both sides, an indication that at least one is not original to the helmet. Also the Spitze and the studs look different from what I'm used to.
I have a Bavarian Eigetumsstück enlisted pattern helmet which has a silk liner in it. My helmet has unlined front and back visors. My helmet does actually have a ventilator on the back spine. Sometimes we see these private purchase enlisted helmets with no ventilator on the back spine. These are all typical characteristics of Eigetumsstück helmets. (silk head liner, no lining on underside of visors, and no ventilator on the back spine.)

My example has a Bavarian Kokarde that is silver in color with the light blue circle stripe. Similar to the example on this helmet.

Here is a link to my helmet:

I am not certain about the leather chinstrap on this helmet, as to whether or not it is original or an old copy. I am not certain about the National Kokarde on this helmet posted here as well. I would need to see better close up photos of it.

I would also have to see a better close up photo of the screw posts inside the helmet that are for the domed retainers of the spike base. I am not sure if these are copies, or originals from viewing the photos posted here which started this discussion.

Best Wishes,

I have few similar private purchase bavarian pickelhaubes in my collection. Will take some pics when I get to the shelves.

Amy Bellars
One thing that caught my eye is the spike base, which appears to be of better quality than the EM 'rolled edge' type. So looking forward to seeing what more people have to say.