Prosit Neujahr 1898


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Commercial postcard produced by Wilhelm Steinberg, Breslau. The soldier who mailed this greeting belonged no doubt to 9. Badisches Infanterie-Regt. Nr.170 (Offenburg, III Bn Donaueschingen) XIV Armee Korps. Prussian soldier depicted armed with Gewehr 88, next to a sentry box painted in the Prussian State colors of black/white. This did not deter a soldier of the Baden Armee from purchasing it to send as a New Year greeting.

Inside the sentry box:

Das Neujahr rückte eben ein,
Mich traf's am Schilderhause.
Wie gerne möcht ich bei Euch sein
Beim festlichen Geschmause.
Indeß so gut ich eben darf,
will doch ich gratulieren,
Mit "Augen rechts" Euch ansehn scharf,
Stramm vor Euch präsentieren.

The New Year has just marched in,
It met me at the sentry box.
How much I'd like to be with you all
At the holiday banquet.
Yet as well as I am able to
I'd like to congratulate anyway,
look sharp at you with "Eyes right!"
and present arms before you.

Postal cancellations on 31 Dezember 1898 in Offenburg, Baden & Gutach.
Departure stamp: Offenburg (Baden), 31.12.98, 10-11V(ormittags)
arrival stamp: Gutach (Amt Wolfach) 31.12.98 2-3N(achmittags)

Mailed to:

An Fräulein Anna Maria Baumann
bei Kaufmann Wöhrle
in Gutach

To Miss Anna Maria Baumann
c/o grocer Wöhrle
in Gutach