Prussian 6th Grenadiers Enlisted Ranks pattern 1895


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The never ending education process continues...

I have never seen an M91 post with either a star or bugle as part of the casting. Had no idea they existed.

Thanks for posting these examples.
Steve, this was an old tradition. Chinscale attachments were already adorned with the horn or star when spike helmets were introduced at LIR8 in 1843 (LIR8 became GR8 in 1860). The horn or star were maintained on sideposts when these appeared in 1891.


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The only one I have ever seen walked into the SOS three years ago and ended up in the hands of RandyT the owner of A of K. Ultra rare!


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I think that my G R 6 is marked in white paint
from memory it is missing the liner
and the marking is on the inside top of the helmet
I have a Feldgrau helmet marked to G R 1
it has a Feldgrau line Prussian eagle
that to me is original to the helmet
I have never seen a G R 1 helmet plate in Feldgrau


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BA IX helmets are especially showing such markings. As I am living in this german area near the danish border (Schleswig-Flensburg), they are my favorites too \:D/

Philippe et al.
Here is the inside of another IR 84 OR Pickpickelhaube for comparison.
Best regards
Inside OR haube after reshape.jpg