Prussian Army meets Steam Punk

Tony without Kaiser

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Wow. Does anyone out there who has been a soldier think you’d be able to run around a battlefield with all these metal plates hanging down to the middle of your chest?

Good luck aiming your rifle.



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These things re-appear cyclically on ebay, shamelessly presented as period items. Look at the thickness of the plates and the multiple metal hooks keeping these together. Now, try to imagine (don't try too hard, it should not be pretty) the effect on the face behind of a bullet or shrapnell hitting this mess...


Um, this was not meant as bullet or splinter resistant armor. This a very rare pre war prototype submitted to the Prussian Army by the English Edward Brevan Company for soldiers on the Eastern front during the morning or Western Front soldiers during sunset. Not readily visible are the strings that operate the Venetian Blind feature which prevented sun blindness. Another unintended benefit was that the soldier could draw the blinds so to speak while performing bowel movements in the field to afford him some modicum of privacy...