Prussian Reserve EM M95


I have just been able to buy three very nice EM 95's from the same person who sold me the Prussian EM M95 I posted a couple of weeks ago.

This one is a Prussian Reserve. There is a unit stamp but only J.R is visible now.

As far as I can see it's exactly as it should be, with all original fittings. However, the spike is taller than normal- not sure why this should be, but it gives it that little bit extra to my eye. any thoughts?




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Nice helmet. I have taller spikes like that on private purchase helmets. Unusual for an issue helmet.
Great find.

John :thumb up:


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Great piece! Note as well, the older style screw post and nuts holding the wappen on. I believe (??) that means the wappen pre dates the helmet which is perfectly fine of course. :thumb up: