Prussian Uhlans Tschapkas


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Beautiful - always loved the flat tops. Only every able to get one prewar one UR 11) with cords and all, sorry I ever parted with it.


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Excellent! Tschapki are my favourites! Have a look at the older ones with the Wappen on the Paraderabatte...Thank you for sharing Maxime!


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A very rare and impressive collection of Ulan casques Maxime, congratulations. I have been lucky enough, to do restoration work on 4 of the original leather ones and their construction is totally unique! I am most interested in your felt tschapka as they are exceptionally rare. I was offered faux examples when I was a younger collector, but did not buy them. We have all seen so many copies/fakes for sale. James and I encountered one original at the last SOS Show and we took pictures but it was damaged. I had never handled a real original before and it was an extraordinary experience. Some extra... close up photos of your original filz tschapka would be very much appreciated when you have time. My thanks.