Rare And Original


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Some poor soul was suckered in for $400. Who knows. The person may have recognized it as a stage piece or other and is thrilled, but most likely paid a lot of money for a bucket of cow sh--.


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The New Delhi ones are better made! Donald, every piece on that helmet is fake and wrong. Fake spike, spine....wrong shape, visor trim too wide and looks painted on. Front and rear visors....wrong shape, even the finish on the shell is bogus. All told, it is crude and not even a good fake. Consequently, the members are amazed that anyone would bid on it.


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It's not helpful to ridicule anything without taking time to explain the faults....................!
The best thing you can do for yourself is to look at the photos of this 'helmet' and compare it with those of originals either here or in good reference books, which are as much a part of collecting as the helmets.
Look at the curve of the spike's sides, etc and the craftsmanship of its base compared to an original. Look at the visor trim and the shape of the back spine and neck guard. Look at the dome base and the way the chin scales are attached. As a collector, you need to develop your critical eye so you can tell a good example from something like this, which is 100% garbage. One of the forum members said that when he looks at a helmet, and his 'I WANT THIS' adrenaline is running high, he challenges the helmet to prove its what it says it is. Good advice from Tony.