Recollections From Alte Helme Zimmmer


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My thanks to you sir...the contributions and sharing done by our slightly older members only enrich this forum and make it more unique. We need to have the top collectors here. For the rest of you...Steve only has 5 years on me but he started collecting before I did......darn it!! :D As we Canucks life to the fullest, because, it can be a very short one for some people, and that unfortunately is a fact. The only cure....collect and enjoy life!! :thumb up:


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Great to have you back with us Randolpho. Contact me if you need further help in posting.

Jaap Verduijn

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Ah... memories! The first Pickelhaube I ever saw for sale was when I was 13 or 14, way back in I think 1959. A Prussian Mannschaft (after nearly 60 years I still see it in front of my eyes!), in the window of an antiques and curiosities shop in The Hague. Price: 5 guilders. The equivalent in US dollars back then must have been 3 or 4 bucks. Sadly, my pocketmoney was on an equally low scale then, so there was no way I could buy it. I wonder who has it now...

stuka f

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Must have been the same age, but in the early '70 ties; 1500 bf(34 euro!) for a Prussian Mannschaft at the flea market in Brussels....
Pocket money was 20bf (+/-0.5 euro!) a week.


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I‘ll double these prices and buy your complete collection :D
Wish I had started earlier with this fine hobby. Nowadays you have to be a millionaire to get such fantastic collections like some of you guys have.
Thatˋs my problem, I‘m always late..only my ex-wife was pleased about that :wink:
yes. i look at today's prices and savor what i bought years ago -- but the prices then were also painful and much needed to be bypassed because we earned much less----so cheer up-----there are so many helms available now and with many books for reference...there is now a helmet for sale in Hamburg ---i tried to get it in 1980 and here it is again-- still needing repair but, at almost 5000 euros----i'll have to wait even longer...

thanks for the thoughts gents.. ahz----R

stuka f

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I missed a nice (19 th century)Antwerp fire fighter helmet twice, first at 500 euro, then at 800 euro, years ago....
I finally bought one, a few weeks ago, in lesser condition at 500, ...


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Where have you been for so long ?
I miss hearing from you . I saw Bob Palko at the Feb. 2018
S O S . I think that you remember Palko ?
Steve McFarland
Hello ---KAGGR- #1--- WHEN THE PHOTOS DISAPPEARED last year --- I WAITED UNTIL A NEW photo method appeared and here it is.-- here I am---all this computer use is quite new to me...ALSO UNNERVING and frustrating....
This site is open to the world. --- SCARY -- DON'T YOU THINK---AND it is LONG LIVED.-----I want to keep THE ALTE HELM ZIMMER---- RANDOLPHO ---identity for the world ---I don't think we should use actual names ....
except in PM which I have not tried yet. As Gus often jokes about bringing the truck over to Europe for a pick up -- we don't want to encourage the wrong doers...

Now that I am more able to converse ----glad to see your are alive and collecting-----the feldgrau Danish King CRIX
Ulan pair of mine are long gone..
epaulettes never moved me have only 1 pair (85 Inf) which came with a helm & box..I ' ll talk to B...P....
sincerely --RANDOLPHO -- AHZ