Request for opinion -kugelhaube


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I have some doubts about this kugelhaube, what do you think?


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Thank you Sandy for your opinion! It seems to me that chinscales and rosettes are not correct.
Seems to me the only issue with the scales is the way the seller is bending them outward in that photo haha. If I'm not mistaken artillery units used flat scales as opposed to the curved ones.


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For me the only issue would be chinscales being too long, hence not original. How do they look like when attached?

Tony without Kaiser

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I would recommend that you request interior photos of the split prongs holding on the spike base and the chin scale rosettes. You can usually tell immediately if they have been tampered with. The Wappen would be held on with screw posts or split prong.


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Ask the seller to lose the chin straps and place them on the helmet as they are when not in use
And take a photo
That way you can see how they fit
Did he leave them open as to NOT show they are too long ?
Otherwise it looks like a nice helmet
Steve's info is correct
Fuss Artillery flat scales
Field Artillery rounded scales


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Good advice. Steve has a point about the scales / chin strap. Also, they've been abused, as can be seen in the first photo and are bent outward (good thing they're flat). If this one proves to your liking, you'll have to put on some cotton or other gloves and bend them gently back, unless they don't bother you pointing outward instead of laying flat... usually a pretty easy fix.

:D Ron