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Does anyone have any information or photos they would be willing to share of the Russian 5th Alexandriyski Hussar Regt Busby? I believe (?) this is the only Russian Hussar Regt. to wear a Death's Head.

I am particularly interested in the skull as I wonder if some of these Russian skulls have been dismissed over the years as people thought they were copies of Leib-Husaren?

Unfortunately I cannot find that thread or the images. I did not even know a Russian Death's Head Busby existed until I saw it here on the Forum. I believe one of the Russian members here posted some images, perhaps Sergi1877? Any help would be appreciated. Tony

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11.08.1776г. - Dalmatian Hussar Regiment was formed from Slavic hunting servicemen as a settled Hussar regiment, together with eight others, constituted the settled regiments of the cavalry of Catherine the Great and was intended to guard the Ukrainian line. Regimental colors of the horses were black. Their nickname was "black hussars", or "unfathomable. It was a part of the 5th Cavalry Division. Quarter: Samara (07.1914). 6 squadrons 4 squadrons from 01.1917. Awards: 1. St George Standard with the inscription: "For Excellence in the Turkish War of 1828" and "1776-1876. 2. Badges on the tunic for distinction at Katsbach with the inscription "For the distinction of August 14, 1813. (awarded on 15.09.1813). 3. 22 St. George trumpets with the inscription "Of the Alexandria Hussar Regiment, February 8, 1816. (For the battle of Brienn-le-Chateau the regiment was awarded 4.06.1826). 20.07.1914 - as a part of the division was sent to Warsaw. 28.07.1914 - arrived to Warsaw. 02. - 04.04.1915 - as a part of the division in the V-th Siberian AK of the 2nd Army occupied the positions on the left bank of the Bzura River in Poland. 04.- 05.1915 - was transferred to Lithuania as a part of the Division. Ser. 10.1915 - after the stabilization of the front, as a part of the division occupied positions on the river Western Dvina. 11.1915 - as a part of the division in the combined detachment of the 5th Army, occupied positions on the right bank of the Western Dvina. 01.1917 - two rifle squadrons were assigned to form the 5th Cavalry Rifle Regiment of the Division. 02. - 06.06.1917 - as part of the division near the villages of Kapostnya and Nadzin."-First historical source
Second historical source:
"5th Hussar Alexander Regiment
5th Hussar Alexander regiment.jpg

30.07.1904 г. - 15th Dragoon Alexander Regiment of Her Majesty the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna
6.12.1907 г. - 5th Hussar Alexander Regiment of Her Majesty the Lady Empress Alexandra Feodorovna


1 Synopsis
2 History
3 Words of the Black Hussar Hymn
4 Commanders
5 Officers
6 Photographs


Date of formation: the seniority - 11.08.1776;
Regimental holiday - August 30, the day of the Saint Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky;
Dislocation: Kalish town (before 1889 - 1910), Samara town (1910 - 1914);
Included in: 5th cavalry division (16th army corps);
Regimental colours of the horses: - Black (in 1889);
Regimental colours: - Black, red, white;
Regimental mascot: - Dead Head.

Regimental Army nicknames:

"Immortal Hussars."

"Black Hussars"

"Hussars of Death."

Officer badge of the 5th Hussar Regiment of Her Majesty the Lady Empress Alexandra Fedorovna.

Description of the silver officer breastplate of the 5th Hussar Regiment of Her Majesty the Lady Empress Alexandra Fedorovna: Black enamel Maltese cross with white rim and white hussar knots at the ends. A white skull over crossed bones is superimposed on the centre. Approved 1st October 1913.

25.06.1783 г. - Major-General Ferzen formed from Macedonian (1773) and Dalmatian (1776) regiments in Novorossiya Alexander Light Horse Regiment of 6 squadrons (PSZ, XXI, 15769).
25.01.1788 г. - Under the regiment was established a command of mounted rangers in the number of 65 people (Viskovatov, IV).
21.09.1789 г. - The horse-countryman's command was allocated for the formation of the Yelisavetgrad Horse-countryman's Regiment (Viskovatov, IV)
14.09.1790 г. - Alexandria light horse regiment was attached to Kherson light horse regiment and was called Kherson Cossack regular regiment (Viskovatov, IV)
31.01.1792 - from Kherson regiment was detached and named Alexandria Light Horse Regiment (Viskovatov, IV)
29.11.1796 - Taurida Light Horse Regiment had been attached to the regiment, which was subdivided into 10 squadrons, and was called Major-General Godlevsky's Hussar Regiment.
On 26.10.1797 the Hussar regiment of Major-General Gidzhitsky (Superior Prix).
26.10.1798 - Major-General Nikolitsa Hussar regiment (highest military commendation).
2.10.1799 - Major-General Telepnev's Hussar Regiment (highest award).
21.03.1800 г. - It was supplemented by a command of major-general Gotovitsky hussar regiment.
6.05.1800 г. - Hussar regiment of Major General Kishensky (Superior Ave.).
29.03.1801 г. - Alexander Hussar Regiment (high commendation).
16.05.1803 г. - two squadrons were detached to form the Belarusian Hussar Regiment. New squadrons were formed to replace them (PSZ, XXVII, 20764).
17.12.1803 г. - Reserve squadron was established (PSZ, XXVIII, 23603).
13.06.1806 г. - one squadron was assigned for formation of Grodno Hussar Regiment. New squadron was formed instead (PSZ, XXIX, 22174)
8.11.1810 г. - Reserve squadron abolished (PSZ, XLIII, 24411)
09.1812 г. - 8 squadron numbers 972 men.
12.1812 г. - During the reform of the cavalry was assigned to the 2nd Hussar Division.
27.12.1812 г. - Reduced to the 8th squadron and one reserve squadron (PSZ, XLIII, 25298).
20.12.1828 - on coats of arms and buttons assigned number 10 (2PZ, III, 253


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18.10.1829 - Foot reserve was formed instead of the reserve squadron (2PSZ, IV, 3240).
21.03.1833 - 5th and 6th squadrons of the Irkutsk Hussar Regiment were attached. The Irkutsk regiment was given a seniority. The regiment was made up of 8 active and one reserve squadrons. On coats of arms and buttons given number 12 (2PSZ, VIII, 6065)
30.08.1834 - for the regiment in the reserve army was established a reserve semi-squadron 24th (av.m. No. 105)
23.03.1835 г. - Reserve squadron was abolished; instead it was assigned to the regiment and renamed the Reserve 4th squadron of Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna's Ciracirical Regiment (Acting order No. 38)
26.04.1835 г. - on coats of arms and buttons assigned No. 10 (2PSS, X, 8088)
4.04.1836 - the reserve semi-squadron was assigned No. 20 (pr. v.m. No. 44).
30.04.1836 - introduced in the military settlement district of Olviopol lancer regiment and added 3 squadrons assigned to the special commanding officer and named 12th cavalry division of Novorossiysk military settlement district.
8.08.1836 - in the 12th Cavalry District of Novorossiysk military settlement 2 squadrons of canton squadron were established and assigned to the regiment for the preparation of the regiment by well-trained non-commissioned officers (2PSZ, CSH, 9466).
23.12.1841 - Reserve squadron abolished (2OPSZ, XVI, 15137).
25.01.1842 - commanded to have a reserve and reserve squadrons for the regiment from perpetually dismissed lower ranks (2OPSZ, XVII, 15237).
1.09.1845 г. - Hussar regiment of Field Marshal-General, Count Paskevich-Erivanskiy of Warsaw (highest commendation).
18.12.1848 - reserve and reserve officers were established from the regiment (2PZ, XXIII, 22840).
15.01.1851 - for the regiment were established in the reserve cavalry division - reserve squadron No.9, in the reserve troops - reserve squadron No.10. The former reserve and reserve squadrons and cadres were abolished (2PSZ, XXVI, 24826).
20.01.1856 - Alexander Hussar Regiment (Superior Pr.).
25.01.1856 - Hussar Regiment of His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich (highest award).
17.04.1856 - on coats of arms and buttons assigned number 5 (2OPSZ, XXXI, 30404).
26.06.1856 - the regiment is assigned to 6 active and 2 reserve squadrons (2OPSZ, XXXI, 30645).
18.09.1856 - The regiment was brought into composition of 4 active and 2 reserve squadrons (2PSZ, XXXI, 30966).
19.03.1857 - Alexander Hussar Regiment of His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich the Elder (Superior order).
23.03.1859 - Reserve squadrons were detached to form the Reserve Cavalry Brigade of the 3rd Cavalry Division (2 PRSN, XXXIV, 34526).
29.12.1863 - 6th Reserve Squadron abolished. As part of the 3rd Reserve Cavalry Brigade was kept reserve squadron of the Alexandria Hussar Regiment of His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich the Elder (2OPS, XXXVIII, 40425).
25.03.1864 - 5th Hussar Alexander Regiment of His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich the Elder (highest award).
27.07.1875 г. - Reserve squadron renamed to Reserve squadron (V.V. No. 202).
18.08.1882 г. - 15 th Dragoon Alexander Regiment of His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich the Elder (highest order).
11.08.1883 г. - The regiment was reorganized into six squadrons. Reserve squadron was converted to the squadron No. 5 of the cavalry reserve (highest military commissary order No. 197).
1884 г. - The former seniority of the Alexander Regiment was given, but only the year, while the day and month were retained from the Irkutsk Regiment (pr. v.v. No. 347)
26.04.1891 - 15th Dragoon Alexander Regiment (Superior pr.).
16.09.1896 - one squadron was assigned for the formation of the 51st Dragoons' Chernigov Regiment. On 29.12.1896 a new squadron was formed.
4.12.1901 г. - Platoon assigned for the formation of the 55th Dragoon Finnish Regiment. In exchange a new platoon was formed (highest military parade).
30.07.1904 г. - 15th Dragoon Alexander Regiment of Her Majesty the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (Victory Day).
6.12.1907 г. - 5th Hussar Alexander Regiment of Her Majesty the Lady Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (high command).
1918 г. - On the basis of the regiment was created the 1st Orenburg Cavalry Regiment of the Red Army.


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1919 г. - It was revived in the All-Union Revolutionary Army. The squadron of the regiment in January. - March 1919 it was included into Reserve Cavalry Regiment and in the spring 1919 was included into Perekopsky detachment of the Crimean-Azov Army, and then was transferred to the Caucasus. The own regiment (6 squadrons) was formed on 1.07.1919 in Grozny (from Stavropolians - old cavalry soldiers, Nogais and Kalmyks) as a part of the North Caucasian Army. Took part in pacification of Chechnya. By October 1919 there were about 2,000 men. 2000 men, including 3 staff officers and 27 chiefs (on 5.10.1919 there were 861 sabers and 18 machine guns), by 5.03.1920 - about 400 men.2 In March we left Vladikavkaz for Georgia, from there on 11 April we moved to the Crimea. From 16.04.1920 the division was a part of the 1st Cavalry Regiment. Commanders: Col. Glebov (spring - October, 1919), Col. В. V. Domozhirov (October 1919 - April 1920). It was also reborn as the Samara Hussar Regiment on the Eastern Front. During the exile he was chief of the regimental group (Cavalry Division) in France - Col. S. A. Toporkov.
he words of the Black Hussars' hymn
Who have not known, have not seen

The feats of the cherished,

Who hasn't known, who hasn't heard

Of those immortal Hussars!


Forward march!

The trumpet calls,

Black Hussars,

Forward march!

Death awaits us,

Pour the charms!

Begin, sing!

The regimental song;

Pour it, drink it!

The spell is round!


Don't you cry, don't you grieve,

My dear one!

If they kill you, forget it.

That's the way it is.


"The horses are snoring, not standing.

The horses are black-horned.

Not rusting, but burning.

The swordsmen, they're crooked.



11.06.1892 - 25.09.1895 - Bistrom Alexander Nikolaevich, Baron, Colonel

04.09.1896 - 26.03.1901 - Kovalevsky Vladimir Alexandrovich, colonel

07.05.1901 - 12.02.1904 - Vladimir Alexandrovich Kartsov, colonel

16.02.1904 - 06.11.1906 - Keller Fedor Arturovich, count

26.11.1906 - 22.11.1910 - Shuvalov Andrei Petrovich, count, adjutant, colonel

07.12.1910 - 27.05.1915 - Corfe Cecil Arthurovich, von, Baron, Colonel

27.05.1915 - 19.04.1917 - Kolenkin Alexander Nikolaevich, colonel, from 02.04.1917 major-general

22.04.1917 - Andrian Kozlov, lieutenant colonel (commander), from 12.10.1917 colonel.



As of January 1, 1909:

Shuvalov Andrey Petrovich, count - colonel, adjutant, regimental commander, p.555

Rembovskiy Konstantin Konstantinovich - colonel, p.555

Kozhin Sergey Dmitrievich - lieutenant colonel, p. 555

Marmarchev Yakov Grigorievich - lieutenant colonel, p. 555.

Nikolai Ludvigovich Mihonsky - Lieutenant Colonel, p. 555

Schmidt Artur Adolfovich - Lieutenant Colonel, p. 555

Verzhbitsky Viktor Stepanovich - Captain, p. 555

Orachevskiy Vladislav Vladislavovich - Captain, p. 555

Eristov Georgiy Ivlianovich, Prince - captain, p.555.

Zykov Sergey Petrovich - captain, p.555.

Chuprunov Alexander Ivanovich - staff sergeant, page 555.

Weblov Vladimir Alekseevich - staff sergeant, page 555.

Domozhirov Andrey Petrovich - staff sergeant, p.555.

Puzyrevskiy Georgiy Nikolaevich - staff sergeant, page 555.

Becker Gottgard Fedorovich - staff sergeant, page 555.

Pavlov Andrey Alexandrovich - staff sergeant, page 555.

Khondzyński Mikhail Mikhailovich - staff sergeant, page 555.

Deryugin Mikhail Feofanovich - staff sergeant, page 555.

Radetsky Axel Avgustovich - staff sergeant, p. 555.

Konstantin Nikolaevich Avalov, prince - staff sergeant, p.555.

Vladimir Domozhirovich - staff sergeant, p.555.

Vladimir Mikhailovich Barnov - Lieutenant, p.555.

Toporkov Sergei Alexandrovich - Lieutenant, p.555.

Kurt Arvedovich Wilde - Lieutenant, page 555

Yakovlev Anatoly Mikhailovich - Lieutenant, page 555

Benson Peter Vladimirovich - Lieutenant, page 555

Leontev Alexander - Lieutenant, page 555

Hoffman Alexander Vladimirovich - Lieutenant, page 555.

Andryushchenko Alexander Antonovich - Lieutenant, page 555

Kondoidi Vladimir Vladimirovich - cornet, page 555

Kamennov Peter Ivanovich - cornet, page 555.

Arseniev Timofey Konstantinovich - cornet, page 555.

Malinovsky Ivan Kazimirovich - cornet, page 555.

Andreev Pavel Petrovich - cornet, page 555.

Ivanov Boris Konstantinovich - cornet, page 555.

Maksimov Vladimir Vasilievich - cornet, page 555.

Kudryashev Ivan Leonidovich - cornet, page 555.

Kartsov Alexei Vladimirovich - cornet, page 555.

Ivanenko Boris Mikhailovich - cornet, page 555.

Ivanenko Dmitry Mikhailovich - cornet, page 555.

Shakhnazarov Andrey Pavlovich - cornet, page 555.

Ivan Alexandrovich Glebov - cornet, page 555.

Sabaneyev Fyodor Ivanovich - cornet, page 555.

Lyutov Serguei Nikolaevich - cornet, page 555.

Zhadkevich Mikhail Vladimirovich - cornet, page 555.

Konstantin Konstantinovich Ivanov - cornet, page 555.

Ivan Pedashenko - cornet, page 555"


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Tony note the rosette, which was used in tschako and tschapka.I have seen similar rosettes on German firefighters helmets.The question is how many of them have been contemporarily mounted from Russian items?


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Tony without Kaiser

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Wow! Thank you so much. I certainly got what I was after. Naprawiacz you clearly are very knowledgeable. I went from knowing nothing to seeing the lineage, and several excellent images of that very unique Deaths Head. Wow!

So to clarify, the 5th Regt wore the eagle badge prior to 1914 and only wore it from 1914 until the end of the Russian Revolution? That is a very short period.

Thank you again! Excellent information. Tony


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Thank you Steve and Tony for your kind words,but I only translated the text from Russian sources into Polish,and then from Polish into English.Best regards

Tony without Kaiser

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It is the same with me. I have some knowledge in my head but it’s the references that are the key.

So your having the reference was immensely helpful. And thank you again. I imagine my chances of ever getting a Russian skull are slightly less than zero…..
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Wow - what an outstanding trove of information. And I wouldn't downplay the value of having the info and sharing your translation skills! Awesome stuff.


Tony without Kaiser

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Thank you Glenn. My question was unclear like usual... I meant the 5th Regt wore the eagle badge prior to 1914 and only wore the Deaths Head from 1914 until the end of the Russian Revolution?

So the Deaths Head was worn only from 5 March 1914 until the Regt. was disbanded?

Once again, fantastic images of those unique Deaths Head thank you Naprawiaz.


Wow, what an impressive response. We already deal in the arcane and obscure, but on this forum a member had this information at hand. Bravo!