Saxon EM brass buckle


Hey folks!
So....those of you who know me are well aware that I'm more a 'buckle guy'. I have too many to count and I collect German buckles from 1845-present day. The bulk of my collection is TR but I have a considerable amount of WW1 buckles as well.
Altough I have many Saxon buckles - I didn't have a unit marked example.....until now....bwa haha! :)

Very happy to have this one added to my collection.
Here are some pics for you! I assume it is 9th company, 101st grenadiers....but I could well be wrong with that interpretation.
Cheers folks!



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Thanks guys! I will have to start posting more of my WW1 buckles, as well as some of the 1845 models as these were also used during the
1914-18 conflict. It's a neat area of collecting as there are so many variants out there.
Excellent post Rob, it is very rare in my experience to find unit marked buckles! Please do post more of your collection. :) (y)
I will certainly share more buckles with you guys time allowing. Yes: markings are not common. That said, for some reason Saxon buckles typically have more examples with markings than others....but this is my only unit marked example.
Very nice buckles,

I have one in the collection that shows Saxon Frugality/Expediency as well, If I remember correctly its was issued to no less then three Saxon Regiments ending with the last regiment formed 182.

Found it, I certainly don't consider myself an expert when it comes to belt buckles but they are certainly something I enjoy as part of the uniform.

In keeping with the tread,

A pattern 1847 buckle first issued in Saxony in 1867. Two piece construction brass/nickel with manufactures mark, that was first issued to the 104th then to the 102nd and finally to the newly formed at the end of 1912 182nd. Its certainly seen some action in its long life and is a little worse for wear but its kept on surviving. All the best John Josef



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That is a very cool buckle!! Nice markings and love the old 50mm variants. Your example has a ton of character!
Very cool!

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Always fun to share items with fellow collectors who enjoy the somethings. I love everything from the period but my main focus is the pieces that have that been there and lived to tell the tale feel.