Saxon HR 20 NCO


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I’ve enjoyed looking at the HR 20 that was posted in 2017. Since mine is for an Unteroffizier, I thought I would try to post it here as an additional reference. Of particular note are the chinscales, which have no connectors on the ends, and are unique to the post-1904 Saxon hussars. This is marked to BA XII and HR 20, but with no date.


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Nice! The Saxon NCO parade brush, fangschnur and feldabzeichen must be very hard to find!


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Normally they would hard to find. But they all came together on the busby. What luck.


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Well that busby posted in 2017 is mine....nice to see an NCO's. These are very rare as you probably know the Regt was not formed until 1910 so there were never decades of these issued as with most Regts. The only other one that I have seen was an officer's. Mine also came complete, I never had to try and source missing pieces fortunately. Congratulations!