Selling up


Unfortunately , due to divorce proceeding i will have to sell my collection i have been purchasing slowly from Bruno and others. I am absolutely gutted and heartbroken ATM . When i get my head straight i will be posting prices and pics on here . I will remain a part of the forum but my eyes will be even more envious . :(


Sorry to hear this. Remember though, that the world does turn, this will pass, you will come out the other side and be OK.



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I know, and feel your pain. I had to sell my whole collection last year, not because of a divorce though..
My mother was getting demented, not as bad that she couldn't live anymore in het own home, were she wanted to stay until her death.
But she needed more care, and that cost more money. So, geriatrics, and people caring for her decided she should be taken to a carehome for serious demented people, which she sure wasn't yet. I fought this decision, took a lawyer, but after several court-sessions I lost. My mother was taken in, and died 8 weeks later. I saw her go from a strong, and healthy woman, somewhat demented and needing care to a corpse in 8 weeks, and only because she costed the social security system too much money, I did what I could but lost. (the whole situation reminded me of an adress called Tiergartenstrasse 4) It was worth every helmet in my collection I had to sell for the fight I did for her. Lawyer costs were very high.
I had to sell 13 haubes, a feldmutze, a tschako and my M16 helmet, all in very good condition and all original. And several bayonets and medals...
My collection is mostly gone now.

My situation is somewhat different than yours, but you know, all will be well in a while, like Ottodog8 (Steve) says. Already I am starting to crawl up,
and so will you in a while mate.

Take care, Coert.

Jaap Verduijn

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I feel your pain. I had to sell my collection twice. It hurt. Strenth, mate, and like others said: this too shall pass...


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Been there and did that 12 years ago. At one time, I had 53 hauben, I am down to 24 now. I had a complete mannequin to a named CEF WW1 48th Highlander everything from Bonnet right down to parade spats, kilts, red argyle socks, housewife and medals, purchased from a family member. A cuff ranked Capt tunic to a CEF doctor, visor cap and a bag of shrapnel pieces which he had taken out of various patients. Again purchased from the family so named. The price of freedom from a bad relationship can be high, I am not even going to get into the cost of buying her out of my teacher pension, 10 years of spousal support and support for my son Logan. I had no problem with child support but 10 years of payments to a wife is a bit much. I would urge all young men/women to not hook up with anyone who is not an "economic equal" especially these days. Whoever makes the most or has the most pays big time! Think with the big head gentlemen, not the little one! :)
Dear Mates Woznotwos & Coert---

keep your minds busy - use the hiatus to read anything. Study up on the helmets you like so when you are reactivated you have even more knowledge at least keep up with good books..RAndolpho


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Hi guys, sorry to hear about it.
I am speechless with your spouse support system in the West while our system here is very different. Nobody gains anything and even though court may order you to pay monthly maintenance, you can still argue your way through and takes a while before the final court judgement is passed.

Woz, I have sent you a private message but think your message system is full.

Do drop me an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you


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Sorry to read this. Divorce is a hard time, but keep your Head up, better times will come again...

@Coert: You got my full respect. Sorry for your loss.