Silver plated box


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Dear collector friends
Who doesn't know what it's like when you just don't want to add anything to your collection? There's just nothing on the market. You get impatient and you just buy something that isn't actually in your collection area. You browse the internet and find something small that somehow does looks beautiful. You agree on the price, pay it and the seller delivers it to the post office. You think to yourself, yes, about 2 days delivery time. But the package just sits in the post office. But then the postman rings. Oh, but the package is heavy. Open it quickly. Then this appears. I thought it was a box for cigarettes. But really big cigars fit in there. Isn't it a wonderful day? The addiction is temporarily satisfied.
Maybe someone can find out who the soldier was.


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Excellent find! Beautiful craftsmanship and very nice to photographs and a name with it. I know very little about German Navy but the arm badge suggests stoker/ engineer to me.
Beautiful craftmanship (y)

Nice addition to any collection, just needs a few nice Cigars :devilish:

Just a warning I haven't smoked since I was a teenager and then I bought a few regimental pipes next thing you know I'm at Pfeifen Huber buying a new pipe :oops: Luckily, I've only bought one small bag of Tabacco.