So, for the MAX and similar shows...

Jeff R

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I've been around the militaria collecting world for @30+ years on and off - mostly off for the past decade or so as my focus (and income) was on my wretched beloved offspring (yay kids). I started actively collecting again @2 years ago, just in time for COVID to shut down the show circuit. But (fingers crossed) I'll be able to attend this year's MAX show (which was very considerately relocated to practically my back yard - thanks, universe).

Anywho, my question is: Is cash the sole or primary payment option still for dealers at these things? It certainly was when I was last doing shows, but the digital game has made huge strides since then. Cards seem so much safer. I don't love the idea of carrying around the pile of cash that's required to pay for the sort of stuff we like, but I'll do what I need to. Thanks in advance!


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Cash is king at the shows. There are some dealers that take credit cards, and a few other sellers take Paypal , but for the most part it is cash!



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Yes cash is King at the Shows, even here in Canada! No need to use electronic banking so “The Man” can track what you are spending your hard earned money on!

Jeff R

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Thanks gents - such was my assumption. I appreciate the confirmation. I'll be prepared!