SOS 2024


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Is anyone going to SOS this year, and doesn't have a table? Send me a message, as I can use an extra table helper for setup.
Brian and myself will be at tables H15 through H18, will have around 20 or so pickelhauben to sell and many other things including Imperial steins, mugs etc.

Stop on by!

Sorry for the late reply, I am going to SOS 2024 .I have a table next to James and Alan will be sharing my table. Do drop by to pick up post it pad
I will see if my collector friend Mike Heuer can it up for me
If the weather keeps cooperating, I'll be there (with my patient and supportive wife). Looking forward to seeing some of you all at the show! 😺
It is a tradition of mine to watch the weather. Though not as nice as last year, we should have a pleasant Wednesday move-in with 65 degrees and sun. Thursday will rain, but still in the low 50s on Friday/Saturday. I'll take it.