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By the way, grain dust has nothing to do with TB, White lung is the result of grain dust, like black lung in a miner but a different contaminant. If I am cleared for TB, I may feel good enough that I do not have to spend all my time sitting at the table at SOS/


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I have followed your lead Gus at every SOS that I have attended and left our tables when I wanted to. There is a certain collector/friend of ours from the great state of MN (even though he and his family are all from Quebec!!) who tends to complain about our absence from the forum tables! What he neglects to tell, is that every year, he out sells us both combined!! :-? In addition, he has always out spent me at every SOS for years, so what is the problem !! :-? :D Lastly, Gus you just take care of yourself and your lovely wife M. :thumb up: