Standard Bearer patch thoughts and ID


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hey guy's just got this piece it is framed and sealed in glass so I have not taken out yet, but I can break the seal if needed.

I am no expert on these and have a couple questions:

1) large size it is almost 6inchs tall
2) colors, have not seen this version before? Other Prussian ones I have seen have yellow flags?

Would love any opinions on whether it is real or not, and what it may be for if real?




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Hello James ;
Many years ago I bought a set from Ron Manion .They were mounted
on board folder .I sort of thought of them as salesmen samples .
There were about 3 or 4 patches ; red (like yours ) blue and maybe something else ? yellow ?
They were also oversize like yours .
However regulations call for all Prussian patches to be yellow .
I have owned a very rare Kurassiere Fahnentrager patch that was
of white wool with the crossed yellow flags .
So I never knew for sure what mine were and I traded them
Yours like mine look like the real thing
Maybe something proposed to be done ?
but never done ?
something for the smaller Armee after WWI and before the 3rd Reich ?
red for regiments that had red flags ?
If you find out more , please let me know


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James sent me these photos today. The quality of the embroidery certainly looks original and very similar to the one which I have for sale here on the forum right now. A very unique piece!


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According the dress code (Source for attachment: „Bekleidungsordnung 2. Teil from 1903) the patch for flag-wearer was only available in yellow. Does anybody have later versions of the dress code? May be a sample?


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