Strange wurttemberg plate


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Good afternoon everyone,

I have come across a helmet for sale with a wurttemberg plate on it that I haven't seen before. It reminds me a little bit of the NCO school Prussian plates seeing as its a standard brass plate with a star in the center, id like to hear your thoughts on this one if its even a legitimate plate.
Thank you


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That was my thought, as I said before my only thought was that it reminded me a little of the school plates you'll occasionally see on Prussian helmets, but I figured I would consult the experts in the event it was some small variant that I wasn't aware of


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Nice old style heavy thick scales, any Regt. markings?
I asked for more photos, the helmet overall looks pretty good to me which is why I thought maybe the plate stood a chance at being some small variant. Single cockade on the right side so it looks like it could be a nice earlier model


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Certainly looks like a nice helmet. I wonder why someone would put that star on? It looks like it matches in terms of tarnish etc? I know this sounds improbable but did they ever do exchanges between the Kingdoms and maybe the Wurttemburg owner was attached to a Guard unit in another Kingdom?


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I fully agree with Tony and Bruno. Nice helmet, but that plate should not have that Garde star on it.

Tony without Kaiser

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Now that I look at it again, do you see a single hair on the stag, do you see it’s nostrils, it’s eyes? Look at both crowns. Do you see all of the individual jewels and rubies and details? Look at the Bandeau. Do you see any of the fine pebbling? No to all of those so walk away. That Wappen is not even close to the detail of an original.