thanks to a law abiding citezen.

over here in the uk guns are very much frowned upon and mostly illegal. back in the 1990's the police held a gun amnesty they knew the crims would not hand them over but guessed that tucked away in peoples attics may have been some illegal firearms. so an amnesty was held and weapons could be handed in no questions asked, the media would be invited to see these guns being destroyed making the streets safer.
well in the local police station in walked a mature lady who said she had a gun of her late husbands that she wanted to turn in but the police would have to collect it, this was done but the copper in charge obviously did not have the heart to destroy it and instead gave it to their section 1 firearms dealer (a civilian) he was not sure what to do with it and told his friend about it (my friend also) so for a small fee (£100.00) it became mine.

all I know about it was that it was not buried but "left" in an old Napoleonic tunnel in the somme area

it just goes to show its who you know not what you know and thanks to a few people I have one of my favourite pieces. (it was very rusty when I got it)



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Obviously, a very cool piece of History, congratulations. Very fortunate that cooler heads prevailed and this "survivour" was not destroyed.