The flags of I R 75 Bremen


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Shown are the 3 flags of I R 75 Bremen . The regiment flags were of the Prussian line
Infantry muster in white .In Aug . of 1911 all 3 Batls . were awarded a special parade Banner
for their flags
The flag on the right shows a clear view of the Banner . The middle flag shows the 1870/ 71
K D M streamer for combat in the Franco -Prussian War .I see at least 14 battle honor clasps
on the streamer . All 3 Batls have the 1870 Iron Cross pole top .
The Fahnentrager of the new Armee still wear the bandoleer and ringkragen of the Imperial Armee.
Three regiments received the special parade banners ; Hamburg ; Bremen and Lubeck
in Aug. of 1911 .Each banner was different .
SteveFlags I R 75.jpeg


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Some photos that show the special Parade Banners for Hamburg and Lubeck .
These are similar to what the Bremen banner looks like .
SteveK D M 1.JPGK D M 2.JPGK D M  3.JPG


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Thank you for showing those banners Steve! I own an M15, issued to IR162. Lübeck, I did show it here, but if you want, I will make some pictures of it, and post them here. It is all original, with the corrct kokarde, white, with the maltese cross. And correctly marked.


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Excellent helmet Steve!
Tomorrow, I will post pictures of my IR162 Lübeck M15 here. Brian asked me earlier to show pictures of the kokarde earlier, a year or 2 so ago,
but the chinstrap is so thight on it, I didn't have the nerve to remove it.. So I will show it how it is. I like keeping helmets as I found them, so I only do that, if it is possible. It has all the Kammer marks, and it was never messed with. And, as you know, Lübeck had as I know only one regiment, IR162.
I will post it tomorrow.

Greetings, Coert. :)


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Steve, as promised some pictures of my IR162 M15.
I hope you enjoy them, as much as I like this rather rare M15.

Greetings, Coert.


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Great helmet !
Thank you for the post and the photos
I think I maybe have an officers helmet ?


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Thanks Steve!

I think the helmet you have is an enlisted (OR) M95. It has no officer characteristics, but a very nice OR helmet none the less.
Mine is an M15, also OR. (other ranks)



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No ; Sorry , I did not make myself clear .I was not writing about my helmet in the photo . I was
writing about a different helmet in my collection .So it is an officer helmet for sure .I just need to see
if the kokard is for I R 76 or I R 162 .Sorry to mislead .I know for sure the one in the photo already
posted is an e m. It is a Kammer issue .


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I might as well get in on this thread. Here are a couple of photos of my Model 1860 IR 75 Bremen.


It is marked to IR 75 and there is a signature over the stamping (very difficult to photograph).


It's a very tall helmet at 11.25 inches.


Thank you for posting the wonderful photos of the flags and streamers of these Hanseatic states.

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Nice helmet .Thanks for the post and the photos .So I hope to get the kokards correct ;
the tops of the 4 arms of the red cross on Hamburg are straight lines .
On the Bremen kokard the tops of the 4 arms of the red cross have a dip to the middle


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On my Lübeck IR162 M15 I posted earlier, the kokarde also has those dips on the tops of the arms of the maltese cross.
So I think you got it right. But I am not sure though.


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Lubeck Maltese style cross, Hamburg, regular cross. I owned a JR 162 officer helmet years ago. It was totally Prussian in character except for that Maltese cross kokarde.


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The Bremen Kokarde only used the Maltese Cross until 1897. In 1897 the Bremen Kokarde was changed to a white serrated disc with a red ring.
I also made a mistake in my earlier addition: My model 1860 is 11.25 inches tall, not 16.25 inches!



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Here is one that I forgot that I have ; I R 75 Bremen officer .We got this one out yesterday
during a photo shoot .Bremen Officer.jpg


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While we are on kokards , here is my I R 83 / III Batl . Waldeck - Pyrmont officer .
I think a later helmet as the stars have lost their gilt.
SteveI R 83  III B.jpg
I R 83  III B Kokard.jpg



EM M95 named helmet worn by Feldwebel der Reserve and Offizierstellvertreter Karl Steinel, 8/RJR76 (IIB), seriously wounded (chest shot) on the 17.9.14 at Béthancourt (battle of the Oise). Taken prisoner and deceased on the 9.10.14 in a french Reserve Lazarett of Rouen (Normandy).
Buried in the german military cemetery of Rouen.
Note the officer pattern hanseatic cockade (Offizierstellvertreter) worn on M91 side post and the scarce Reserve Cross for hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen, without the word "Koenig" ("Mit Gott für´s Vaterland").
Helmet brought back by Dr Audouard, medic at the french 16 ème Regiment d´Infanterie which fought on the other side during those September days near the river Oise.




Wow! Great helmet and history. Love it when you can connect the helmet to a real person.

I did a kind of pilgrimage to Koblenz on a holiday to Germany so I could go to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress where the owner of my first Pickelhaube was stationed.