The flags of the Garde Fusilier Regt.


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Here are all 4 flags of the Garde Fusiliers .Kaiser parade Tempelhofer Feld . The flag 2nd from the left is
IV Batl . with the cyphered pole top . The other 3 Batls. all have the 1870 Iron Cross pole top and the special
parade banners " Under the Command of Wilhelm II in yellow silk. All 4 of the Fahnentrager wear the black belt .
The man 3rd from the left is not wearing his Fahnentrager ringkragen ?
On the back of the photo it reads ; 2. von links Feldwebel Peter Klein
SteveFlags Garde Fusiliers.jpeg


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Very interesting and I would venture to translate....2nd from the left Feldwebel. Peter Klein.