The Grandfather of Dragoner: M1856 in Neusilber

hey that is a nice detail :thumb up:
that is the first time i have seen this on a helmet
and must say honnestley, those are 2 awsome hemets
i am now several years on the lookout for a honnest ersatz dragoner
but still no luck
be proud on those finds

Tony; Fantastic find, like everyone else I've never seen one before!! The brads in the front visor trim are similar to the one that is on my OR Tschapka, just one brad in the middle. I thought it was to secure the front trim onto the leather visor?? Cheers Dick
Interesting. The rivets are also new to me and seems logical that it might be a fix for a loose visor trim, but then why not just run it through a roller and crimp it down again... even use a small hammer and anvil. Oh well, I dunno! All in all... Very cool.

:D Ron
Well the collective observations of Bruno and Dick have pointed out the glaringly obvious, which I was completely oblivious to like usual. Imagine my surprise to look inside and see a perfect little round head of a rivet staring back at me. Wot? #-o

I was blinded by the two holes on the exterior, and presumed they were nail holes, and I was wrong. They were for rivets to hold the front visor rim on. On the exterior they have broken off leaving holes, but that one little remaining rivet head inside removes any doubt. Duh.

Here is a close up of that amazing M1824 Adler in Neusilber.