The Old Way To Add To Your Collection


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Another way was that a seller ( P V R in New Jersey ) would put several helmets
in one photo ( shot with a Polaroid camera ) and send it by mail with a hand written
price list .If you saw something to buy , make a quick phone call to make
sure that you the first in line .
I bought several that way .
Steve McFarland


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Interesting! I was 4 in 1963, so these were out of my price range. Does anybody remember 'House of Swords' out of independence MO? Same with Joe, call to be sure it was available and then send a check.

:D Ron


Joe Walter at House of Swords, quite the character and a master sword maker, his fakes are still going around today selling as good pieces, mainly civil war.

Use to get his catalog in mail, call the same day and never get anything, always sold all ready. still it was fun to get them and look through.

Sadly he was murdered by son in law over a coin collection I believe.



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I went there one time . A collecting trip ,also went to Manion's .At the House of Swords
I expected a store .He operated from his house basement .No display .
Swords were in old wooden barrels .Other stuff stacked on top of a pool table
which was covered with a sheet of plywood
Steve McFarland


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i use to get things from Col. Stoddard once in a while. Got a M'15 uniform blouse from him for $25.